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What Is LCD Video Brochures

by Carl Steward
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LCD Video BrochuresLCD Video Brochures Get Your Voice In The Room With Your Prospects

In the COVID-19 environment we live in, it’s important to find creative ways to get your voice in the room with your prospects. If you’ve already experienced the results LCD video brochures produce, right on! If you haven’t, here’s why they can be a golden nugget for you.

The Value of Your Messages Being In The Room With Your Prospects

Marketing does many important things for businesses, which is why most successful companies stay focused on it even after they’ve made their fortunes.

For instance, it’s an excellent way to give information to consumers. By giving them a basic idea of what a company’s offerings are all about, it allows them to know the benefits of buying them.

At the same time, marketing can be educational. Remember how you feel when you’re well-informed about discounts and quality as they pertain to things you’re thinking about buying? Doesn’t it increase your peace of mind about buying them?

Also, marketing can help companies set goals. Effectively, it has a way of motivating them to act in ways to maintain or improve their reputation. Then their goals and objectives become more clear for their employees, and the trickle down effects to their customers produce great benefits as well.

And last but not least, marketing is great for branding. Basically, it helps ensure companies are selling something useful to consumers, which in turn strengthens their brand.

With all of that said, as a marketer tasked with getting your company’s messages in the room with your prospects, if you can find a modern, creative way to make that happen, there will be increased revenue and more excitement for your company.


The Value of LCD Video Brochures

LCD Video Brochures

What if you knew a way to get your company’s TV commercial in the same room with your best prospects. I know… your company would have to have a TV commercial for you to make that happen, but just roll with me here.

Better yet, imagine if you could make it so appealing that they couldn’t resist watching it. Even better — imagine if they would hold it in their hands while it played, practically ensuring that they’d give it their full attention. And even better part 2 — imagine if they were so captivated by it that they’d show it to others who influence their purchasing decisions.

Well, that’s what LCD video brochures have been doing for about a decade now.

In a nutshell, they’re irresistible. They also make marketers who use them look like geniuses. The ROI they produce thrills company owners, and the messages they deliver motivate recipients to respond. Thinking about it, are there any other marketing materials that accomplish nearly as much?


Case Study: Renuvion Cosmetic Technology by APYX Medical

Renuvion Cosmetic Technology APYX Medical is one of our country’s leading cosmetic technology companies. They leverage decades of experience in plasma technologies and unique waveforms to meet the changing cosmetic needs of today’s consumers. Their primary focus is to provide transformative solutions that enhance physician’s practices and the patients they serve.

One of the medical procedures they’re best known for is a revolutionary procedure that tightens and rejuvenates loose skin without the need for invasive surgery called Renuvion. It doesn’t require extended downtime. Plus, there is little to no scarring.

Unfortunately, as revolutionary as it is, their salespeople were having a difficult time getting meetings with dermatologists to sell it when they first introduced it. Despite it being cutting-edge, the traditional print materials they were dropping off simply weren’t drawing much response. Even dermatologists they had sold to in the past weren’t responding. To offset that, they decided they needed new tactics.

After discovering video brochures, they partnered with us to create attention-grabbing units for their salespeople to present to dermatologists. Then, during the drop offs, they simply asked the receptionists to watch the videos and then share the video brochures with the doctors when they were available.

Within no time, their results improved significantly. Their salespeople said they began receiving callbacks for more information “before we even got back to our office”, and video brochures have been a regular part of their marketing tactics ever since.


The Importance of Being Heard By Your Prospects

To make sales, it’s important for most companies to have their messages get heard by their prospects. LCD video brochures make that happen. They’re impressive, modern, and efficient. And most importantly, they’ll get your voice and your messages in the room with your prospects in a way they’ll find user-friendly and appealing.

What’s more, you know those executives who have been hard for your salespeople to reach? Well, video activated marketing products usually draw a response… even from executives who sometimes seem unreachable.

They also tend to make average salespeople great and give them more confidence. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know how important that can be. In addition, the trickle-down effects tend to boost morale throughout entire companies, and recipients appreciate them.

And finally, in many ways they perform like TV commercials, only they cost much less. Marketers who use them look brilliant, and we’ve seen many elevate their careers simply by relying on them.

To purchase LCD video brochures so your company can get its messages in the same room with your prospects, or to get a free sample, contact MediaFast today.

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