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Major Casino Industry Player Keenly Observing Minnesota’s Sports Betting Legalization Effort

by Gloria Davidson
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Minnesota, a state at the heart of a growing nationwide debate on sports betting legalization, has garnered the attention of industry giants, including International Game Technology (IGT). IGT, a London-based company known for its involvement in lottery and casino gaming machines, is closely monitoring the unfolding developments in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

This past summer, IGT welcomed St. Croix Casinos in Wisconsin into its ever-expanding customer base, underscoring the company’s reach and influence in the gaming industry. Among its clientele are numerous casinos across Iowa and the Dakotas, a testament to its widespread presence.

The prospect of legalized sports betting in Minnesota has piqued the interest of not only casino operators but also the companies that provide the crucial infrastructure for this burgeoning industry. Should Minnesota’s Legislature revisit the idea of legalizing sports betting this spring, it could open up a lucrative market that promises to generate millions for the state’s casinos.

In anticipation of these developments, IGT is actively engaging with casino operators in Minnesota. “It’s something we talk to operators in Minnesota about when we see them, either if somebody goes up to Minnesota to see what’s happening locally, or casino operators that travel to Las Vegas and we see them at industry conferences,” says Joe Asher, IGT’s president of sports betting.

Minnesota’s journey toward embracing legal sports betting is being closely watched, not only for the potential economic windfall it could bring to the state but also for the ripple effect it may have on the broader gambling landscape. As states across the U.S. continue to explore the merits and mechanics of sports betting, Minnesota’s decision could prove pivotal, with IGT poised to play a crucial role in shaping this evolving industry.

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