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Will More Western Military Aid Stop Russia’s War In Ukraine?

by Carl Steward
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Will More Western Military Aid Stop Russia's War In Ukraine?Will More Western Military Aid Stop Russia’s War In Ukraine?


Ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine urges west leaders to find more effective preventions and provide more intensive western military aid.

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian army using Western anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles has already won a famous victory. With the help of western military aid, Ukraine has rescued Kyiv and the government of President Vladimir Zelensky.

However, now, Russia has appointed a new general to lead the chaotic and inhuman war. The new general is regrouping its forces in eastern Ukraine for a more horrific concentrated attack that could expand Ukraine’s oligarchic forces in unprecedented ways.

The shift in strategy forces Western leaders to reassess their readiness to supply Kyiv with more offensive weapons ahead of a destructive battle that could determine how well Ukraine survives as a nation-state.

Russia’s new approach promises more civilian slaughter, fueling pressure on the West to do more, as it deliberately targets a vicious war plan.

Russian troops concentrate on the country’s east as thousands try to flee the area. Russian airstrikes in southern and eastern Ukraine are expected to increase in the coming days, even as they encounter stubborn Ukrainian resistance.

Decisions on what kind of military aid to provide may depend on the final stages the West sees in the country, especially after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv and Zelensky’s increasingly harsh calls for more offensive weapons as they find Atrocities against Ukrainian civilians.

Washington has taken a good line between supplying Ukraine with hardware to enable it to repel a Russian invasion and inflicting heavy costs on Putin’s forces, and taking steps to turn the war into a direct conflict between the United States and change Russia.

For example, Johnson has prepared 120 armored vehicles and a new anti-ship missile system and promised further military support.

Ukraine Urges The West To Put An Embargo On Russian Oil And Gas

Ukraine Urges The West To Put An Embargo On Russian Oil And Gas


However, only the intensive military support is not enough to stop the Russian aggression. The western community starts working on another package of strict sanctions, which, this time, will include Russian oil and gas.

Oil is Russia’s most lucrative energy export. Blocking it would deprive Moscow of a critical source of revenue, which the countries bemoaned for funding the war.

Oil and petroleum products accounted for more than a third of Moscow’s export earnings last year. According to the Bruegel think tank, Europe spends about $450 million a day on Russian crude and refined products, about $400 million on natural gas, and about $25 million on coal.

Theoretically, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have enough spare capacity for Europe to replace their purchases of Russian oil. Russian oil accounts for about half of Russia’s total crude exports of 4.7 million barrels a day. So far, however, production group OPEC+ has only committed to gradually increasing output.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on other countries to ban Russia’s energy exports, which enabled Moscow to invade his country.

Another source of gas is also planned to be shut down over time.

However, some EU countries abstain from the final decision, as sanctions on Russian supplies could push already high oil prices. Currently, oil prices reached a 14-year high last month.

Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania want to ban Russian oil and gas.

EU lawmakers on Thursday approved a non-binding resolution for an immediate embargo on Russian energy imports.

Putting an embargo on Russian oil will cause severe financial problems to the aggressor country. Energy export was the primary source of funding this catastrophic war in Ukraine.


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