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Luna One: Metaverse project taking decentralization higher!

by Carl Steward
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LunaOneLuna One: Metaverse project taking decentralization higher!

Have you heard about the famous Luna One Metaverse project that has attracted much attention from crypto enthusiasts lately? If you’re into the world of cryptocurrencies and virtual worlds, it would be a big surprise if you haven’t encountered the term “LunaOne.” 

It’s no secret that numerous Metaverse projects are currently being developed as our new reality in the days to come. Big companies like Meta, previously known as “Facebook,” are working on numerous projects as they’ve seen the scope of the virtual world.

Among these latest interesting projects is the Luna One Metaverse. However, you might wonder what this Luna One Metaverse actually represents? What is so special about this virtual world that everyone seems to talk about? 

Let’s get to know more about this enchanting project that many enthusiasts interested in crypto will probably refer to as a “favorite reality,” shall we?

What is Luna One Metaverse exactly?

LunaoneSource: coinquora.com

Luna One Metaverse is referred to as the LuneOne project that is based on Metaverse. It’s a platform that aims to expand to various universes apart from just gaming. It is the first decentralized virtual society that aims to redefine decentralization through earning, games, and learning in a coherent Web 3.0 environment. 

As mentioned above, the platform is up to expanding into numerous other universes that aren’t just gaming. This Metaverse is more than just gaming. It will represent one of the first Metaverses to allow all its users to shop, earn, socialize, create, study, and much more in the great Web 3.0 environment. 

LunaOne utilizes a known open-world concept that enables external global vendors to gather within one space. 

What is the mission of the LunaOne platform?

This platform aims to bring users an exquisite, outside experience, such as attending events from the comfort of their homes. The virtual society has witnessed teams in the industry that have included many members from the famous Forbes 500 companies.

We can clearly say that the mission behind the latest LunaOne project isn’t just focused on game world creation for its users like numerous other Metaverses are focused on. Instead, the Luna One Metaverse has a mission to create a comprehensive virtual space where people will live life by studying, playing, earning, socializing, shopping, and other activities.

The platform includes many interesting opportunities for real-world and virtual-world interactions. 

Three core elements of the Luna One Crypto Metaverse

There are three main elements of the Luna One Metaverse that you should be aware of:

  1. Integration of all crucial life activities in one place.
  2. Cross-world interaction for real services, activities, and knowledge.
  3. Decentralized Decision Making.

How much did Luna One Metaverse generate so far?

The Luna One Metaverse has managed to generate $10B in 2021. It is a doubled income within a year. The live entertainment revenue in the Metaverse in 2024 is expected to amount to more than 200 billion dollars. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, it’s expected that Metaverse will become a part of the world economy worth trillions of dollars.

Three main features of the Luna One Metaverse crypto

LunaoneSource: deasilex.com

To learn what are the core features of the Luna One Metaverse project, here is what you need to know:


Avatars, which possess the famous XLN tokens, are free to influence the governance. It’s because the ecosystem provides these avatars to vote freely. The foundation or the community could initiate it. That’s the LunaOne team.


The ranking system is completely dependent on how these avatars of users are developed on their main path. The primary leaderboard, displayed in the Metaverse, has a 1% ranking for every single avatar in it. 


Available items in the Luna One Metaverse could be purchased and stored in the Non-Fungible Tokens form. Based on how frequently you encounter them, they could be divided into three main categories:

  • Rare
  • Common
  • Legendary.

What is The Luna One Metaverse Price Prediction?

First of all, the current price of the XLN Lunarium, the official Luna One Metaverse Token, is $0.00029846 at the time of writing, per CoinGecko. Here are the All-time high and low statistics:

  • The All-time High of the coin: is $0.00474525 
  • All-time low: $0.00005804. 

The Luna One Metaverse Price prediction is based on the Lunarium historical price data. According to that data, the price per Lunarium at the end of 2022 could be $0.001439. Also, exactly one year from today, the price prediction per Lunarium is $0.001583, while in the next three years, the Lunarium price highest level could reach $0.009266, while the lowest price could be $0.0001496.

At the end of 2023, the price prediction of Lunarium is around $0.002561, while it could reach $0.004144 price levels at the end of 2024. Regarding the year 2025, experts believe that the price could be a remarkable amount of $0.006705 per Lunarium. 

When will the Luna One Metaverse be released?

lunaSource: currency.com

One of the trending questions regarding the Luna One Metaverse project is when it will be released. Crypto enthusiasts are eager to know the release date, as they’re getting increasingly excited about all the features awaiting them in this fantastic LunaOne platform.

However, until now, there isn’t any confirmed release date for the Luna One Metaverse. Some tech and gaming savvy predict that this Metaverse will be released by the end of 2022, i.e., in November or December 2022. But, it’s not 100% sure, so the world is anticipating this Metaverse with huge excitement.

The pre-sale of the LunaOne

As mentioned above, the crypto token of the LunaOne Metaverse is Lunarium or XLN. The utility token is meant to be the center of all purchases and transactions within the Luna One Metaverse. Since the world is still anticipating the project’s release, the whole community is calling for multiple offers for the pre-sale of the LunaOne crypto.

Besides, people can purchase tokens and spend them once the LunaOne Metaverse is released. 

How to buy LunaOne Metaverse Crypto?

The place where you’re able to purchase the Luna One Metaverse Crypto is on their official LunaOne website. To buy their crypto, follow these simple steps. You should follow the simple guide we’ve provided you below.

Guide for buying the LunaOne Metaverse tokens

  1. Create your account on the LunaOne website: Go to the Sign-up page. By filling out the required information, create your account.
  2. Complete the KYC process: After signing up on the LunaOne official website, press the “Click here” to complete the KYC button, enter your info and upload the required documents. After that, press the “Proceed to verify” button, and wait for the KYC-approved message to appear on your screen. 
  3. Add a wallet: To receive the XLN tokens, you must add a wallet below the receiving wallet option. Enter the wallet address and confirm it by pressing the “Add Wallet” button.
  4. Purchase your tokens: Find the option “Buy XLN Now.” Tap on that and pick the preferred currency you wish to pay for purchasing these tokens. Enter the exact amount and press the button “Buy now.” Choose a payment method and buy your tokens.

Why is Luna One Metaverse so special compared to other metaverses?

metaverse lunaSource: thevrsoldier.com

As we’ve stated above, most metaverse projects nowadays focus on play-to-earn and Non-Fungible Tokens models. There aren’t many metaverses using blockchain technology to develop platforms that will provide social interactions, work tasks, and even education modules.

LunaOne platform, on the other hand, will use an open-world concept that will enable all the external global vendors to come together within one space. There are plenty of benefits to this special Metaverse. You can expect work, education, games, social interactions, and numerous other interesting activities awaiting users in this one-of-a-kind Metaverse. 

There will be hyper-real experiences via their avatars by haptic and movement tracking, face tracking, suits, and much more. The interesting thing with face tracking is that it will allow avatars to observe facial expressions of each other. 

VR experience in the LunaOne platform

Besides that, the tracking and haptic suits will enable these avatars to see body movements and feel their environment. The project features AR/VR access that allows users to deeper immersion in the Metaverse. 

To achieve this, LunaOne has set up a branded kit, the famous Hype.VR enables users to touch, hear, smell, and see what’s happening around them in the Metaverse.

Decentralization is taking a notch higher.

Luna One Metaverse is getting much deeper into the concept of decentralization. Since it’s a decentralized organization (DAO) project, it means that it ensures all users with 100% decentralization decision-making. All users can make significant decisions that are in correlation with LunaOne.

The community and the foundation have the same chance to initiate all the DA proposals. Besides that, LunaOne has decentralized file storage. Every user’s data forms a special core value of the Luna One Metaverse. DFS, or Decentralized File Storage, enables all users of the MEtaverse to store and connect data by distributing and segmenting it. There’s 100% security for that reason.

In addition to all this, every user can become a storage node and provide hard disk space to earn, and there’s decentralized in-vers communication as a feature in this project. The team behind the project invented a special decentralized messenger in the LunaOne metaverse. For that reason, the communication between users will be happening in the DFS, guaranteeing the total security of personal data.

The avatar within the Metaverse can also receive messages offline since the communication is available in the separate messenger app and the Metaverse. All users can create channels and groups with entry or subscription fees as an extra feature.

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