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Microsoft Announces Viva Sales

by Carl Steward
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Microsoft Corp. unveiled Microsoft Viva Sales, a new seller experience tool, on Thursday. Viva Sales combines any CRM system with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams and uses AI to deliver personalized recommendations and insights to help sellers connect with their customers more effectively. It enables vendors to customize their client engagements more effortlessly, resulting in faster deal completion.

Employees in today’s hybrid environment want more from their employers, from their tools to the hours and places they work. It is particularly true of salespeople. Viva Sales enables sellers to capture insights from Microsoft 365 and Teams, reduce manual data input, and receive AI-driven tips and reminders while remaining productive.

Viva Sales improves the seller experience by exposing insights with the appropriate context within tools that salespeople use, saving sellers time and presenting the organization with a complete perspective of the customer.

The future of selling does not include a new system. According to Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft, “it’s putting the information sellers need at the right moment, with the correct context, into the tools they know.

Viva Sale In Depth

Viva Sale is an extension of Microsoft Viva, which was released last year; a comprehensive employee experience platform; it integrates communications, knowledge, learning, goals, and insights to enable every individual and team to achieve their best from anywhere. It introduces the first Viva application intended particularly for sellers:

Viva Sales provides salespeople with the tools they need to execute their jobs, and the information sales leaders require. While sellers work, they can tag customers in Outlook, Teams, or Office apps such as Excel. Viva Sales will instantly collect it as a customer record, overlaid with all relevant customer data. This degree of client involvement data could not previously be captured automatically. This information may be quickly shared with team members when collaborating in Office and Teams without having to retype or hunt it up in a CRM.

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