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Apple’s Next iPhone May Get an Android Feature

by Carl Steward
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Apple Inc is Ready to Float in SingaporeApple’s Next iPhone May Get an Android Feature

During its developer’s conference, Apple revealed iOS 16, its new iPhone software. The new lock screen customization choices hint that at least one of this year’s new iPhones will include an always-on display; something Android phones have had for years.

Apple’s iOS 16 software is currently in development and will be available to everyone this autumn; it allows you to add various items on the lock screen. As a result, you may immediately see the weather, the battery state of your AirPods, future calendar appointments, and other information. However, it would help if you still pressed the power button to turn on the screen on a contemporary iPhone.

Always-On Display

However, if Apple includes an always-on display in its next iPhone, you’ll be able to gaze over at your phone’s new lock screen while it’s sitting on your desk. For years, Samsung, Google, and other Android phone manufacturers have included this feature. Apple has resisted introducing that option, possibly focusing on more extended battery life. Even if the screen is dull, an always-on display can steadily drain the battery.

Always-on screens are available on the Apple Watch Series 5 and subsequent models, and they function wonderfully. Even when the screen isn’t entirely on or brightened, you may look down and see the time, temperature, and specific programs, such as maps, on the watch. It is set at a low brightness so that you may use the watch without needing to flip your wrist to wake it up.

A new iPhone may display critical information you’ve decided to display on the lock screen without forcing you to wake the phone to full brightness.

Apple is already planning to add to the higher-end models; the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, anticipated this fall. It implies that it may not be available on the standard iPhone 14. However, it may be an appealing feature that customers may want to pay more money for the Pro models.

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