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Putin Intimidates ‘lightning fast’ Revenge – UK Warning

by Carl Steward
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One of Putin’s Head Assistant Quits Against the Ukraine warPutin Intimidates’ lightning fast’ Revenge – UK Warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of a “lightning” response in the West; Any country that intervenes in the Ukraine war poses a “strategic threat to Russia.” According to the occupant, the government has all the tools that no one can be proud of and will not back down if they need to use them. This statement is widely regarded as a reference to Russia’s intercontinental ballistic arsenal of missiles and nuclear weapons.

On Wednesday, Russia shocked European society by cutting off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. This was because the countries refused to pay for gas in Russian rubles, as demanded by Moscow. Tensions remain high between Western allies and Russia after Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Monday that the threat of nuclear war is significant.

The Governor of the Bank of Italy and a member of the Governing Council of the ECB warns that the policy of the Central Bank must be implemented as carefully as possible, Against the background of the threat of Russian war in Ukraine. However, it suggests that third-quarter growth may exist.

Putin’s Plan and UK Warning

At the same time, Exxon is taking steps to exit the oil and gas project, including contractual and commercial commitments. The firm has previously said it will stop operating in Russia. However, stakeholders are reportedly facing increasing difficulties in delivering crude oil from the region; Due to sanctions on Russia, fear of reputation risk, and the problem of insurance coverage.

Ukraine’s fate is in the balance, and the Western allies must “double” their support for the country; To ensure Putin’s failure in Ukraine, the UK’s foreign minister said on Wednesday.

The Group of Seven industrialized nations and their allies must maintain pressure on Russia through tough sanctions, including oil cuts and gas imports. This will provide further military assistance and humanitarian support. “If Putin wins, there will be abominable different adversity across Europe and dire consequences global.” Now the main goal is to double support for Ukraine. In recent days, tensions between the West and Russia have risen sharply.

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