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Latest Updates on the Ukraine War

by Carl Steward
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Latest Updates on the Ukraine WarLatest Updates on the Ukraine War

A major battle has started for the Donbas region, denoting the intensification of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. We bring you the most important updates about the war.

Ukraine Urges Luhansk Citizen Evacuation

The Luhansk regional military administration’s head, Serhii Haidai, urged civilians to leave the city as the conflict escalated. Following the fall of Kreminna to Russian forces, the intensified fighting rendered Luhansk an immediate danger zone.

Haidai added that Kreminna’s locals failed to start the evacuation process on time, resulting in them ending up as hostages. And although Russian forces have declined a ceasefire agreement, he wants to start evacuation immediately.

Haidai noted the urgency of the evacuation process. He added that the chances of a successful evacuation lessen as time passes. Ukrainian police will assist elderly and less mobile people to the evacuation busses. They will also assist the people currently in shelters.

The evacuation efforts will focus on the regions in the most immediate danger from Russian forces. That includes Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Popasna, and Hirske.

The new focus on the Donbas region follows the failure in capturing Kyiv. Military experts expect severe action from Russia’s side.

No Safe Evacuation Routes From Donbas

The Russian tactic in the battle for the Donbas region has been intense shelling, often causing civilian casualties. The situation continues to be treacherous for non-military people trapped in the warzone. In the besieged Mauritopol, Russian forces declined to leave evacuation routes open. That eliminates the chance of civilian escape via Berdyansk, a port city in Ukraine.

The refusal to open a path for civilians to escape may be a response to an ultimatum Ukraine previously refused to comply with. The Russian Defense Ministry laid down their conditions over the weekend, which Ukrainian officials declined.

Putin Awards Bucha Troop

A military troop that operated in Bucha, which was internationally accused of war crimes, received an honorary title. Vladimir Putin awarded the group with the Guardians title, denoting exemplary service. In a letter, he praised the troop’s “heroic” feats and “courage.” Putin added that the 64th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade displayed dedication and valor.

As Russian troops left the cities of Bucha and Borodyanka following the withdrawal from Kyiv, mass graves were discovered. Hundreds of deceased civilians were buried, and the awarded brigade was directly involved in the killings. Russia denies any degree of involvement, taking the stance that the civilians died after their army left.

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