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One Tech Entrepreneur Helped Thousands of People

by Carl Steward
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Ukraine and donors One Tech Entrepreneur Helped Thousands of People 

Many people from all over the world are willing to help Ukraine, and Alex Iskold is one of them. He immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine many years ago. Iskold, a tech entrepreneur and start-up investor, is working hard to help people from Ukraine. He is also a co-founder of the 1k Project, a non-profit that allows anyone to donate $1,000 directly to a Ukrainian family.

So far, the 1k Project raised more than $3.5 million and helped 3,500 families. However, a tech entrepreneur who lives in the U.S., knows the crisis ahead for Ukraine is poised to deepen no matter when the fighting ends.

Millions of Ukrainians left the country as the Russian military pounded population centers. Moreover, more are certain to lack basic necessities far into the future, and will need money for food, transportation, etc.

Tech entrepreneur and Ukrainians 

For a family of three to four, $1,000 lasts only about a month, according to a tech entrepreneur. The project needs individual, as well as corporate sponsors, to keep contributing.

Alex Iskold launched the project before the war in Ukraine. He launched the project for a different purpose. Iskold and Chrysi Philalithes, a fellow entrepreneur and start-up investor, created the project in 2020 to assist Ukrainian families during the Covid-19 pandemic. He revived the 1k Project when Russia attacked Ukraine.

Currently, the project team consists of more than 50 volunteers, from across the U.S. and in Ukraine, Latvia, France, and Kazakhstan. 

It is quite easy to ask for help. Ukrainian families fill out a single form. People need a bank card that accepts the local currency in order to receive aid. Once a volunteer who works for the project reviews an application, that information gets passed to a sponsor, who then sends the money through Wise. It is also possible to donate cryptocurrencies.

Besides, a partner organization called Open Collective accepts donations over $1,000, whether through cash, stocks, or cryptocurrency. 

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