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The Russian ruble and Euro continue to record new minimums

by Carl Steward
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EURUSD, GBPUSD pairs continue to be under pressureThe Russian ruble and Euro continue to record new minimums

USDRUB analysis and market overview

The consequences of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine increasingly influence European stock exchanges. The largest stock exchange in Europe fell more than 20 percent due to the jump prices. All this can lead to inflation and weaker economic growth. The laundry fell, so one dollar is worth 140,2500 rubles, and one euro 145,8700. European banks also shook and decreased.

At the same time, the absence of signs of refrigeration of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of the euro extended the decline in secure currencies.

This price increase will act as an increase in taxes and the possible impact that will have a global economic growth to the action of the S & P 500 sink for 1.3 percent. In contrast, Reuters reported that the Native index of technological activities fell 1.7 percent.

Yields on American 10-year bonds were lowered to the lowest level since the beginning of January.

The Pan-European Futures Index Eurostox 50 is 3.0 percent this morning, and London FTSE Fjucers have fallen by 2.7 percent.

The dollar strengthened partially supported by strong last week’s employment data, which only strengthened expectations in markets that the Federal Reserves would raise interest this month. The dollar index, which monitors the value of the American currency towards the rival basket, was 99,145 points for the last available data and is stronger by 2.3 percent than last week.

The price of gold, which enjoys the status of one of the safest refugees in crisis times, has increased by 1.1 percent at the dollar per ounce.

It is envisaged that trading on the MOEX MOEKS is closed until Wednesday due to holidays.

The RUB lost more than 40% of its value from the dollar since the beginning of the year. The losses rapidly accelerated since Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, which caused strong sanctions on the western capital. Restrictions on Russia, its lenders, companies and key individuals, as well as Moscow countermeasures, increased Russian property from global financial markets and made it difficult for investors to trade any securities. The shares are traded the last February 25 on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Five-year loan risk contracts – reflecting the costs of insuring the exposure to state debt – increased at the record 2,619 basis points compared to 1,725 ​​base points on Friday, they showed IHS Markit data.


EURUSD analysis

The euro weakened by more than 1% on Monday at 1,08050 and was on the road to the highest three-day loss in the last two years because oil prices are rising and decreasing European hopes in a speedy recovery.

The conflict in Ukraine and harsh international sanctions led to a fall of Russian property. At the same time, the country’s costs, such as precious metals, oil and gas, rose when the world economy was already fighting inflationary pressures.

Europe is the most endangered because it imports as much as 40% of its natural gas from Russia. The unique currency is becoming increasingly connected with oil prices, which is more climbs, the euro is more dropped. At the same time, investors are worried about lower inflation and its impact on the economy.

“The euro continues to absorb the greatest pressure of the capital currencies in the consequences of the war in Ukraine,” said John Hardy, Head of FX Strategy in Saxo Bank.


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