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Hacker Group Anonymous Declares Cyberwar on Putin Russia

by Carl Steward
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AnonymousHacker Group Anonymous Declares Cyberwar on Putin Russia

In the 21st century, cyberwar has become more effective than actual physical war. This is why the famous hacker group Anonymous declared cyberwar on Russia in the case of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The hacking group tweeted late Thursday through an account linked to Anonymous, @YourAnonOne, targeting Vladimir Putin’s regime.

In recent days, the group has claimed several cyber incidents, including a distributed denial-of-service attack – in which a website becomes inaccessible by bombarding it with traffic – has weakened government-sponsored news by the government and Russia Today website service. The DDoS attack appeared to be still active on Sunday afternoon as the official pages of the Kremlin, and the Ministry of Defense remained inaccessible.

Anonymous also said it hacked the Defense Ministry’s database. On Sunday, the group hacked Russian state television. Hackers started streaming pro-Ukrainian content, including patriotic songs and images of the invasions on Russian TVs.

As an informal collective, the group’s nature makes it challenging to pinpoint Anonymous for these attacks.

Russia Today has publicly blamed Anonymous for problems with its website. They claim that the attack came from the United States after issuing a “declaration of war.”

By contrast, cyber activity against Ukraine has so far been quiet. However, there have been widespread predictions that the Russian military would attack the country and cause digital shock.

Ukrainian websites also got hacked, including the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, PrivatBank.

Later, several small Hacker groups joined Anonymous. They have blocked national TV channels in Russia, releasing Russian propaganda.

Let’s see what the next steps of anonymous will be.

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