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Japan Shares Lower at Close of Trade

by Carl Steward
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Tokyo Shares Close Up After US RoseJapan Shares Lower at Close of Trade

Japan shares were lower after closing on Monday. Losses in the transport equipment, minerals, and non-metallic sectors reduced stakes. The Nikkei 225 was down 2.23% as it closed in Tokyo. The session’s best performer on the Nikkei 225 was Toho Zinc; it rose 194.0 points to a total of 7.80%, and the trade ended at 2682.0. Inpex climbed 75.0 points to a total of 6.56% and finalized at 1218.0. Kajima increased 86.0 points, or 5.88% in full, to 1548.0 points in late trading.

The session’s worst performers were Bridgestone, which fell 8.92% and ended the trade at 4789.0. The fall of the shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange exceeded the advanced shares by 2722 to 891; While 180 remained unchanged. Inpex shares rose to a 3-year high; Shares of Amada dropped to a 52-week low and failed to 1055.0. The Nikkei Volatility increased to 21.97, for a total of 0.27%.

Crude for March delivery rose $94.36 a barrel. In other commodities trading, Brent crude for April delivery rose 1.20% to $95.57 a barrel, while April gold futures traded at $1855.10 a troy ounce. USD/JPY fell to 115.38, totaling 0.03%. EUR/JPY decreased to 130.90, by 0.06% in total. The US dollar index futures dropped to 96,052, a total of 0.02%.

Shares Fall – Russian-Ukraine Tension

Oil prices increased to a seven-year top. Asian and European stocks have fallen. US officials have warned that a Russian attack on Ukraine may be imminent. The Stoxx Europe 600 index fell 1.9 percent. The FTSE 100 was down 1.2 percent. The Moex stock index fell 2.6 percent. This is the minimum level since the end of January. The latest fluctuations in global stock exchanges have returned after the German Chancellor prepared to go to Moscow. The US president spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart and noted that Washington would respond “quickly and aggressively” to any Russian military action.

On Monday, energy prices rose. Investors concentrated on the newest updates in Ukraine. Brent oil, the international benchmark, rose to $96.16 a barrel. This is the top-level since 2014. European natural gas contracts rose 12 percent on delivery next month. European bonds have risen. Traders sought refuge in low-risk assets.

According to experts, the situation is quite liquid; especially the energy markets remain on the brink. Russia is responsible for a third of Europe’s natural gas and 10 percent of global oil production. Accordingly, if there is any delay or threat of supply disruption; This, naturally, raises prices from the level they have already submitted. Global stocks fell on Friday after selling on Wall Street, where the S&P 500 fell nearly 2 percent. Hang Seng was down 1.4 percent. Topix and Kospi closed less than 1.6 percent.

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