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Why Apple and Google Decided to Boost Safety Protocols

by Carl Steward
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Apple and GoogleWhy Apple and Google Decided to Boost Safety Protocols 

It is no secret that the omicron variant of Covid-19 continues to spread across the country. Google, Apple, and other companies are trying to protect their employees and customers. 

Apple decided to tighten its rules. Now Apple requires store and corporate employees to take a Covid-19 booster shot. Apple announced its decision in an internal email. So, once an employee becomes eligible to get a booster shot, employees need to comply with the company’s decision in several weeks. If not, they will need to take frequent tests to enter a retail store, partner store, or Apple office.

The company will require unvaccinated employees or those who haven’t yet submitted proof of vaccination to provide negative Covid-19 rapid antigen tests before entering the workplace beginning January 24th. Still, it’s unclear whether this applies to both corporate and retail employees.  

In 2021, Apple asked unvaccinated corporate employees to take daily tests before entering the office. It also requested vaccinated individuals to take Covid-19 tests once every week and later lowered the frequency of these tests. 

Google and its employees 

Google also decided to limit the spread of the omicron variant among its employees. As a result, any person who wants to enter its U.S. offices or facilities will have to receive a negative molecular test for Covid-19. 

Furthermore, daily workers going to the office must get tested weekly, according to chief health officer Karen DeSalvo. Google also asked its employees to report their vaccination status and wear surgical-grade masks indoors.

It is offering various kinds of tests at no cost. The company provides free at-home to full-time employees and contract workers through BioIQ’s PCR-based nasal swab tests. Last but not least, Google’s full-time employees also have access to molecular tests from Cue Health.

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